2022 Awards

2018 Final Meeting

The Kerry J Allen Scholarship held their last 2018 meeting at the National Convention in Atlanta, GA. During the meeting, we briefed and congratulated our new scholarship recipients, inducted each student as a scholarship alumni, counted the funds received during the scholarship offering and took care of last minute business. We gave out 13 each $1,000 student scholarships and 1 each $500 scholarship for foreign mission students.

2018 Western Diocese KJA Scholarship Benefit Concert

Hello COCHUSA Family,

        On Friday evening 6-Apr-2018, the Northern District of the Western Diocese met at Emmanuel COCHUSA in Oakland, CA for a choir rehearsal to prepare ourselves for a KJA Scholarship Benefit Concert the following night. The well-planned weekend was awesome! There was a very beautiful VIP Per-Concert Reception held on Saturday evening for the larger donors with all the trimmings. The Saturday concert was headlined by recording artist Sister’s Robin Hodge-Williams, Yvette Carter and myself. The fund raiser was supported by the Western Diocese and God really blessed their giving!! The target amount to raise was $10,000! All indications show that they are almost there. We’ll all learn together what was raised at the National Convention during the scholarship presentations when they’ll announce the amount raised and present it to the KJA Scholarship Fund. This scholarship is for COCHUSA young people only. Last year, thirteen $1,000 scholarships were presented to our deserving youth! —- “God Is Good!!!”

    Northern District President Sis Jill Gilbert and Planning Committee and Western Diocese Congress President Deacon Ken Winn are to be commended for a job Well-Done for heading up this great weekend of contributions and concert. We ALL THANK YOU WESTERN DIOCESE….VERY MUCH!!


God Bless,

Ambassador Allen

2017 Bowling for Scholarships

We had a great time “Bowling for Scholarships” on Thursday night (27-July-2017) in Jackson, MS during our National Convention.
Our Winning Teams and Individual Winners were;

“Team Winners”

1st Place — The Great Southwestern Diocese Soul Strikers (TGSWD)
2nd Place — Western Diocese Weapons of Mass Destruction (WWMD)
3rd Place – The Northern Diocese Shy-town Strikers (TNDSS)

“Individual Winners”

1st Place Male Adult 18+ ——- Bro. Bernard Gordon, Northern Diocese
1st Place Male 12 to 18 ———- Bro. Ken Winn Jr., Western Diocese
1st Place Female Adult 18+ —–Sis. Karen Blueford, Western Diocese
1st Place Female 12 to 18 ——- Sis Brianna Jefferson, South Central Diocese

Get your 4-man Teams together and we’ll see you next year in Atlanta, GA!!

Dr. Melvin L. Hobbs, Coordinator
Vice-President KJA Scholarship

KJA Scholarship Board doing its’ work

KJA Scholarship Alumni and Students

KJA Scholarship Board & Alumni working Together

Bowling for Scholarship Outing