Scholarship Alumni Recipients


Alumni Contributors will be any past Scholarship Recipient of any amount of funds.  Alumni members must assist in fund raising and promotions; must give back as the Lord has blessed; and attend Alumni functions.  Alumni may also sit in on interviews of other potential recipients.

The KJA Scholarship Board proudly held its 1st Annual Induction Ceremony at the 2009 National Convention.  The Alumni are a follows:

  • Nedra Allen*
  • Candace Bell*
  • Dorcas Kennebrew*
  • Tamekia Stewart*
  • Richard Lee*
  • Kristofer Smith*
  • LaKeisha Giddens*
  • Benjamin Moore
  • Dana Cudjoe
  • Nadia Proctor
  • Brian Jackson
  • Daniel Willis
  • Brittany Bibb
  • Randy Reynolds
  • Shalandrea Smith
  • Ariana Mathers
  • Brena Ward
  • Marlon Washington

These are OUR young adults who have made a commitment to give back to OUR youth and OUR church!  Please be sure to congratulate and encourage them.

The Board anticipates the exciting and blessed events in the coming year.

NOTE: *Indicates members inducted in August, 2009 (photographed above).

NOTE: *Indicates members inducted in August, 2009 (photographed above).